Wrath of the Righteous of Fillmore St

Session 1: The Journey Begins

The story starts with the PCs all making their way to the festival in Kenabres. The fair opened with games and contests to test the might of our heroes, but the opening ceremony was cut short by an explosion from the west. With the explosion there was a flash of blinding light and the sound of a monstrous roar, a balor lord appeared in the city. Demons. Here. Then the screaming started. Demons were flooding into the city and the people were being slaughtered. A flash of brightest silver and before the demon was the great silver dragon, protector of the city. She dove into battle with the balor lord, but it was too much even for her might. Before our heroes had the chance to do anything, to run and hide or to charge into battle, the ground split under them and they fell. As the balor lord’s sword fell, with her dying breaths, the dragon uttered a few soft words and our heroes plummet into the darkness slowed, but into the depths they still fell.

Time passes and our heroes start to wake. As light is found, they find themselves in a cave deep below the city. Rubble is everywhere with signs that others had perished in the fall. However, the heroes were not alone. There were 3 others that must have been slowed by the dragons spell as well.

So starts the Journey below the city…



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