Wrath of the Righteous (of Fillmore St)

This campaign will be focused not only on smiting the evil of the Worldwound, but primarily on the story of our unlikely heroes. This is the story of how they interact and live, not just about what they kill and the shiny things in their hands.

Each player will need to have a fleshed out character idea. Not simply “I want to play a rogue!”, but something more like “I want to play a character that is clever and has a silver tongue. An orphan that had to learn to survive on the streets of Kenabres alone.” Remember, this is a tried and true good verses evil story, so unless you have a great backstory or something amazing in mind for a character arch, you should probably steer clear of the merc for hire, or the evil character, or even the full anti-hero (unless given a GREAT reason to stay true to the good vs evil theme).

After the character idea is fleshed out, then make a character sheet that will fit the story. The character idea used as an example would fit nicely as a rogue, however, you could also make arguments for a fighter, a bard, a barbarian, a ranger or a brawler. It is at this point that tweaking the story to add in a bit more context for your sheet is possible. For example “Well, I like the story about growing up on the streets, but I was thinking that a cleric would be really fun to play. What if while on he was living on the streets he met an old priest that helped out orphans and strays. And over time this priest impressed the ideals of Iomede onto this young kid and he sought a life of service in the local temple of Iomede.” Perfect reasoning to make the character into a cleric.

Your characters will be on a 15* point buy scale. You will be able to select two traits from any source and you will have the option to have a third trait** from the Wrath of the Righteous Players Handbook . (By the way, Read this!) Make sure it fits your story or at least that you can tweak it a bit to fit your character idea. Starting wealth (page 140 of the Core Rulebook) should be maxed out*, but you should keep track of what you have. We ARE using encumbrance rules so be mindful of what things you have with you. House rules will be on a follow up post.*

(*Things are subject to change)

(**Upon further review, they are pretty limited, so don’t feel pressured to use them. Also, the mystic path that it says isn’t something that you need to worry about.)

You will make your characters and character ideas WITHOUT knowing what else any of the other players are doing. I want to make this a unlikely allies sort of story rather than a well oiled team. I don’t want people to be cast into the roles of “you’re the healer, you’re the tank, you’re the caster… now we need a melee…” If all players make paladins, we will work with it, if there are no casters, that’s fine. The first session will be starting with telling about your characters and editing stories to contain each others characters if that will enhance the story.

House Rules
Mythic Replacement

Wrath of the Righteous of Fillmore St

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