Family background: Mother was caring and compassionate, Father was distant, secretive, and often gone for days at a time on what he referred to as ‘missions’. Mother is doing well living with her sister in a small lake town, I haven’t seen Father since I was 12.

My background: lost a little brother in an accident in the woods: we were playing at a well and he fell in, but it was unfortunately dried out. I stay away from wells now, and am very superstitious about water-related things.

To fend for myself and mother, I found a man who taught me magic, and was a quick learner of the basics. Years went by and when mother moved I journeyed on my own as a merchant, scraping by with what I had, defending myself with what I knew. This led me to trust others slowly, and my greed sometimes gets the best of me.


Wrath of the Righteous of Fillmore St e_daniel_krebs