Jerran is a 31 year old human male who is one of the senior enlisted scouts in the Imperial Army of Molthune and is a devout follower of Iomadae. After serving for 15 years, he retired and bought a small homestead on the edges of the North Fangwood in Lastwall. After seeing so much war and death, he wanted a life of solitude and peace. He turned his homestead into a small farm, where he grew enough food for himself and to make a living. He soon met Lia, a woman from the nearby village, and they fell in love and were married. After about a year, when Lia was pregnant with their first child, an elf shows up to Jerran’s door with a half-elf child. The elf tells Jerran that this child is from a drunken tryst he had with the elven noble lady Tessarai a few months before he retired from the army. Tessarai did not want the “bastard half- breed” so after having him, she used divination to find where Jerran was and commanded one of her servants to bring the child to him.

This news shocked Jerran because he didn’t even remember having a relationship but he could clearly see himself in the child’s features. Lia was initially upset, like any normal woman would, but soon forgave Jerran and they adopted the child as their own. They named the child Kai. A few months later, Lia gave birth to their daughter, Lorelai. Lorelai and Kai grew up together and became fast friends. They were the only kids in the McFerrin family, even though their parents tried to have more. Their mother educated them and soon found out that Kai was quick witted and intelligent. He helped Jerran out on the farm while it was day and devoured the few books that they owned. The wilderness is like a second home to Kai since he grew up playing in the woods with Lorelai and helping his dad hunt when they needed meat. As Kai grew up, Jerran and Lia knew that Iomadae had destined him for something more than just being a farmer, so they saved up their money and when Kai was old enough, they sent Kai to the Academy to learn from the professors and priests. Kai dived right into his studies and was learning as much as he could. He especially found a special connection with the priests of Iomadae and so the specialization of his studies was in justice and all of Iomadae’s domain. He had been bullied as a younger child because of his intelligence and being a half-elf, and so the concepts of Justice called to his heart. So he studied to become a Noble Advisor of Iomedae, a person who would help nobility rule with justice and honor.

Kai spent 3 years at the academy learning. He didn’t have enough money to go home and visit often, so he wrote home every week and went home only once a year in the summer break. His letters from his family, especially from Lorelai, were the rock that helped him through all of the hard times.

Kai, now 14 years old, went home after his third year at the academy to find disaster. When he got back to his family’s farm, he found it destroyed. The house was torn asunder and the land was blackened. When he ran into the house to try and find his family, only to find the decaying bodies of his parents along with charred furniture and the ashes of his previous life. As he investigated further, he noticed that there were claw marks in the floor and the house smelled faintly of sulfer. He knew the signs. This was the work of demons. The worst thing was when he found the body of Lorelai. Weeping over the ruined corpse of his dear sister, he vowed right then and there that he would spend the rest of his life bringing justice to evil and all of its servants. He would devote himself to become a bane of hell spawn. In tears and sorrow, he traveled to his neighbors to see if they knew what had happened but all he found was the same scene played out over and over again. He ran to the nearby village of Varrinshold to find more news. He found that the village was completely deserted. Not a soul remained there even though there seemed to be no sign of struggle. He ran onto the next village and finally found some answers. The people of the town told him that there was some kind of demon outbreak and that the people of Varrinshold had evacuated because of the demon attacks.

He went back to the Academy to keep learning but now he had an entirely different goal in mind. The event changed him. He distanced himself from the friends that he had made in his first three years. He devoted himself to his studies with a feverish manor, all semblance of joviality and childhood taken from him. One of his teachers, Braeden, a man who Kai felt a natural affinity for, noticed the change and brought Kai in to talk. While talking with Braeden, Kai broke down and told him the whole story. He also told him about his new goal. Braeden new the look in his eyes, the looks of utter determination. He told Kai that he wasn’t just a teacher at the Academy but was also an old Inquisitor for Iomedae and that there was a secret school for Inquisitors at the Academy. Kai immediately joined and he devoted himself to becoming an Inquisitor while still attending the Academy under the guise of becoming a Noble Advisor. He was in his second to last year of his schooling when the event happened.


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